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 PMS Mix - Choose Your Color - Pint or Quart
All PMS Inks Ship From Our NC Location Only

PMS Mix - Choose Your Color - Pint or Quart

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PMS Ink Mixes are not guaranteed to ship same-day.  If your need is urgent please call for a processing time estimate.

IMPORTANT - All PMS mixes are sold by accurate volume weight.  Depending on color and pigments used, some inks may show more volume than others (*see below).   

For Gallon or larger size please call to order or look for existing PMS number on our site (more colors are regularly added).  Pricing for these sizes can vary greatly and are currently not available at flat-rate pricing.  Please do not enter Gallon or 5-Gallon requests in the comment section of checkout. 

Need a specific color from your Pantone Plus color chart and need it quick?  Texsource has you covered!

*Note - all numbers must come from Pantone Plus Series Color Chart (Coated).  All PMS mix orders will be shipped from our NC location only.  All PMS ink mixes are plastisol inks, not waterbase.

We are the only US facility with the Novaflow IntelliBlender X2 Automated PMS Ink Mixing System that can dispense pint, quart, gallon, and 5-gallon sizes.  Using high quality Rutland M3 Series inks, Texsource can dispense a fast and accurate ink mix that arrives to you ready to open and use.  We are also one of the very few US distributors who have been certified by Rutland Ink as an Authorized Mixing Service Center, so you can be assured of a quality product with every order.  

So What's The Catch?
There isn't a catch, just a few guidelines.  Select the size you need, enter the PMS number in the text box (we can only mix Coated colors, not Uncoated, so your number will need to end in a "C"), and follow the normal checkout procedure.  We will make every effort to complete and ship out the same day as ordered if we receive your order by 12pm EST, though this is not guaranteed.  If your need is urgent please call for an estimated processing time. 
That's it - we take care of the rest.

Need a Larger Size? 
No problem.  As prices for Gallon and 5-Gallon sizes fluctuate due to pigments needed, we can quickly quote those prices by phone for you at 888-344-4657.  Please note that as this is a custom product, returns can not be accepted unless damaged.

*all gallon size PMS mixes are shipped at 10.3 pounds; all quart size mixes are shipped at 2.5 pounds.  Depending on color and pigments used, some containers will be more filled than others.  This is normal; content weights will be consistent.  

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