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AccuRIP Ruby Software
AccuRIP Rip Ruby Software

AccuRIP Ruby Software

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Epson - Full Version [+$495.00]
Canon Pro 100 Kit [+$699.00]
AccuRIP Ruby Software is the industry's most popular screen-print RIP for printing high-quality films from an Epson ink jet printer. It is quick, easy to use, and accurate -- the way software is supposed to be!  Upon purchase, your download information and activation key will be sent to you directly via email from the software developer. 

Please allow some time for your purchase to be registered before your activation key is sent

  • Easy Setup: AccuRIP's Setup Wizard makes the setup process fast and convenient. It auto builds a print driver for your selected Epson model. In minutes you are ready to output (print) using AccuRIP.
  • Streamlined User Experience: As an on-demand RIP, AccuRIP is always ready and waiting to process your file data and deliver sharp and clean halftones and solids. No program to launch and manage.
  • Job Queue: A "Job Queue" and "Job History" window to review and watch jobs process.
  • Direct Application Printing: Nothing beats the convenience of printing directly from the graphics program your file is in. Go to the "Print" window of any of your design programs and AccuRIP is ready to RIP.
  • Automatic N-UP Printing: AccuRIP automatically gangs a separation on your film saving valuable output time and media. When your art board/page size is less than half your media width, the N-UP feature comes into action. This feature is a user favorite.
  • Ink Laydown Control: With numerous ink and film brands available AccuRIP provides the controls to balance ink laydown to your media. A good match delivers needed dMax and a better dry time.
  • Dye Black Film Ink Cartridges loaded into your Epson: An option for AccuRIP users with select ink jet models. Enjoy the many benefits of running your Epson with every cartridge filled with high-quality black dye. Don't try putting an Epson black cartridge into another slot. Cartridges are chipped and keyed for particular slots. Only AccuRIP and our Dye Black Film Ink Cartridges are designed for this purpose. This feature is a user favorite.
  • Network Solution and No Dongle: Install AccuRIP on one host computer and share the AccuRIP driver easily across your entire network and even across platforms. One printer, one RiP, multiple users. AccuRIP uses an Internet-based serial number registration for instant access. No dongle required.
  • Windows and Mac Solution: Whether you use Mac or Windows, or have a cross-platform network, you have the RIP for all environments. Share AccuRIP at no additional cost with all users on your network.

AccuRIP Ruby EP™ supports 57 Epson printers (replacing Black Pearl).
AccuRIP Ruby CP™ supports the Canon Pixma Pro-100.

With AccuRIP Ruby Software work with the best ink solutions.  Ruby for Canon already includes the Pro-100 Refillable Ink Kit.

Support for Catalina OS is ready for Ruby™ users!
New users have instant Catalina OS support. Already a Ruby™ user and moving up to Catalina? Simply launch AccuRIP Ruby™ then click the FREE Update Blue Icon to download and run the Installer. You can also login to your My Account to download then run the newest installer.

Game changing Canon advantage
Canon print technology prevents downtime. An empty ink tank doesn’t stop you from printing films. WOW! Easy removal and cleaning of the single print head without wasting ink is another Canon benefit. You can even replace the print head under $100. Plus, enjoy high yield at the lowest per ml ink cost as compared to other solutions. The low cost of the high-quality Pixma Pro-100 is another reason to chose or convert to Canon and Ruby™.

Epson users can download a free trial of the software here!

Great news for Epson 1430/1400 users.

Thousands of users of the Epson 1430 and 1400 printers are still printing great films. While Epson no longer offers these printers new, Freehand continues to supply the best ink solutions for these popular printers. Freehand’s Dmax 1430/1400 Master All Black Ink™ Refillable Kit is just $149.95 – Auto reset tank chips means no resetter needed!

Click Here for Operating System and Printer Compatibility.

5 Stars
Oh, you're using something other than AccuRIP?
Well, you're wrong and you need to stop. Seriously. Reevaluate your life up to this point and purchase this software. It does what you want and it does it SO right.
Reviewed by:  from Columbia, MO. on 3/26/2014

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