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Albatross VLR Vinyl Letter Removing Solvent
albatross 1020 vinyl letter remover

Albatross VLR Vinyl Letter Removing Solvent

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TS-VLR Vinyl Letter Remover has quickly been established as the industry standard for letter removing solvents. Developed using advanced chemical compounding processes, VLR will quickly soften the adhesive bond allowing easy peel of vinyl lettering and heavy heat set transfers.


 TS-VLR is a solvent formulated to break down the bond between Vinyl Letters and fabric. It is applied to the inside of the garment and then the Vinyl can be peeled off the fabric. It is very  economical and fast acting.


Packaged in our all new convenient 20oz metal applicator bottles, TS-VLR is extremely economical and long lasting. Sealed containers have an extended shelf life to 6 months.

Directions for use:
Use only in a well ventilated area. Shake well. Turn the garment inside-out and apply the solvent to the underside of the heat applied material. This will release the vinyl from the substrate. Once you have applied the solvent, it is best to stretch or pull the area of the mistake. This will make the heat applied material start to peel off of the garment. Pull off the remaining letter. Remove any residue left on the front side of the garment by applying AlbaChem Vinyl Letter Remover to a clean white rag and rubbing off the residue. Repeat process if necessary.

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