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Another Texsource Open House Coming in September

Posted by Dawn Dellinger - Customer Service on 5/2/2016
It is time once again for us to begin promoting our biggest annual event of the year, the Texsource Open House Event, and here is just some of what you can expect if you have never attended (you should!).

The Texsource Open House event is definitely my favorite time of the year on my job.  For a whole day I get to finally put faces with some of the names that I see on my screen every day, voices that I would hear on my phone, company names that I am familiar with, but not always the people behind the name.  Texsource goes all out for this event.  Normally in years past the event has been held over 2 days, usually a Thursday and a Friday.  This year we are narrowing it down to only 1 day, but we are holding an Open House at 2 of our 4 locations; Georgia and our headquarters in NC.  The NC open house will held here on September 30.  

Our open house has deals so good you'll swear they were illegal!

So what can you expect?  Well, anything and everything related to our industry.  If you are a user of screen printing equipment or screen printing supplies, then this event will have a good bit of everything for you to check out.  We have vendors who will be showing the very latest screen printing presses, automatic screen printing presses,  the latest technology in screen printing ink (including the very latest advancement, silicone screen printing ink), new printing techniques, supply items and chemicals, and more.  

If you are relatively new to screen printing, or you are looking for new techniques that you may not have tried before, there are a host of demonstrations and clinics that go on all day from all the various vendors on how to screen print.  Since actual vendor reps will be here with their products, this is an outstanding chance to get some hands-on demonstrations and ask questions to those at the very top!  

Ah, the food.  Our owner is an exceptional cook, and nothing but the very best will do when it comes to serving others.  I do not yet know exactly what our menu will be, but I can tell you that the last few years we have served BBQ that is worthy of bragging about.  The free lunch is a highlight for many at the event (including all of the Texsource staff) and you will certainly not leave here hungry!

Best of all, the only cost to you is your gas to get here - everything here is on us (although you might want to bring your wallet with you - there are show deals galore and usually a few racks full of clearance items that gets picked clean fairly quickly).  Since we need an accurate food count, all we ask is that you register in advance here before the date of the event.  Bring out your entire shop and enjoy a full day with us.  

We hope to see you here and we hope to further prove our worth to you as your most trusted industry supplier of screen printing equipment and supplies.  

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