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CLEARANCE - High Opacity Rutland Ink 7 Qt. Special - Choose Colors
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CLEARANCE - High Opacity Rutland Ink 7 Qt. Special - Choose Colors

On sale $100.00
Not available for sale online - please call for inquiry
Part Number:7QTSPECIAL

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Colors Available
Matte Base
Dark Brown
Vegas Gold
Team Violet
DK Navy
Forest Green
Team Orange
LT Orange
LT Green
Spice Brown
LT Blue
Due to limited availability of some colors, please call to order this special. 

A fantastic deal on some great High Opacity Inks from Rutland, this 7-qt special will help stock your shop with inks that are versatile and high performing.  Supplies limited and subject to availability.  

  • EH NPT HO RFU is formulated as a press-ready plastisol for printing on 100% Cotton or over a low bleed underlay when printing on poly/cotton blends.
  • Short body and very low wet tack for easy printing with no build-up.
  • Ready for use, just stir and print.
  • Great for hand presses or automatic printing machines.
  • Easy to use, maintains print viscosity without thinning during print run.
  • Formulated to be opaque for direct printing on lights or darks.
  • Competitive with lower opacity products currently sold in the print market.
Print EH NPT RFU inks directly onto 100% Cotton or over an NPT underlay on darks poly cotton garments. EH NPT RFU is normally printed through mesh ranges from 86-280 mc.in (34-110 mc.cm). Recommend 70-80 Durometer squeegee with sharp edge for maximum definition. Proper cure is achieved when garment reaches 320°F (160°C).

Do not dry clean, bleach, or iron the printed image. This is not a low bleed ink, do not print on polyester fabrics.

Chemistry: Plastisol
Substrate(s): Cotton
Best Used By: 12 months

Fusion Temperature: 320°F
Gel Point: 160°F

Viscosity: High
Coverage: High Opacity
Printability: Great
After Flash Tack: Low

Profile: Square
Type: Polyurethane
Angle: 10° - 20°

Mesh: 86 to 230
Emulsion Types: Capillary film, Direct
Cleanup: Bio-degradable screen wash

Extender: Not recommended
Thickener: M00010 Thickener #10

Storage Temperature: 65°F - 95°F (18°C - 35°C)

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