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Easiway EasiSolv 701 Screen Wash
Easiway EasiSolv 701 Screen Wash

Easiway EasiSolv 701 Screen Wash

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EasiSolv 701 Screen Wash is an environmentally approved, 100% active, low odor, extremely quick penetrating, and fast-acting solvent designed to dissolve and clean virtually all types of screen printable inks, adhesives, clear coatings, and stains from printing mesh. Conventional/solvent, UV, electronic, water base and textile inks are quickly dissolved with EasiSolv™ 701 without the hazards and odors usually associated with aggressive solvents and caustic stain/haze removers. EasiSolv™ 701 works quickly and causes no damage to screen mesh. 701 can be used right out of the bottle or diluted at around a 2:1 ratio if full strength is not required.  


  • EasiSolv™ 701 dissolves all inks and ink stains quickly, allowing mesh to be rinsed clean with water. 
  • EasiSolv™ 701 is a low odor product, providing a more pleasant environment for employees.
  • EasiSolv™ 701 contains no hazardous substances (no TLVs, no PELs) which provide a better working environment for employees.
  • EasiSolv™ 701 is nonflammable (flash point of 196) which is much safer than many conventional screen washes.
  • EasiSolv™ 701 contains low-foam, biodegradable detergents which contribute to superior ink and stain removal, while providing complete rinsability with water.
  • EasiSolv™ 701 is not SARA (Superfund Amendments Reauthorization Act) reportable which requires less solvent monitoring and paperwork.
  • EasiSolv™ 701 may be applied manually; recirculated through the EasiFlo™ System; recirculated in enclosed, automatic screen washing systems; or simply used in trays or dip tanks, providing superior product life and economy.
  • EasiSolv™ 701 may be applied to a wet screen for use as a stain remover, without causing damage to the mesh.


Scrape excess ink from screen, then apply EasiSolv™ 701 to the well and print side of the mesh. Scrub if necessary. Squeegee excess off screen. Using a good high pressure washer, spray-rinse the screen starting at the bottom of the well side and work up. Give good attention to the image area of the screen. Rinse the print side of the screen the same. Remove the stencil with EasiSolv™ 5, EasiSolv™ 51, EasiSolv™ 501, or EasiSolv™ 55. Follow last step with an application of EasiSolv.

5 Stars
I rarely take the time to write a review but I just stopped what I was doing to write one for this cleaner. It’s by far the best all around cleaner I’ve used thus far! I hate cleaning screens because I’m too OCD about it but since switching to this cleaner I’m flying through the reclaim process. It takes ink off much easier and gets into the stencil and removes stains better than any dehazer I’ve used.
Reviewed by:  from Vale. on 2/15/2018
5 Stars
701 is the Bomb!
Easyway 701 is great for removing ink and dehazing in one step!
Reviewed by:  from Z Shirts. on 12/8/2016
4 Stars
The Easi-Solv 701 really does a great job and has low odors.
Reviewed by:  from Reidsville. on 12/9/2015
5 Stars
Absolute Gold
There is not cleaner that works better than this for us. We have used it for a long time and continue to reorder in larger quantities. Excellent response - spray on, wait a moment, pressure wash off. don't waste time at the washout booth, use this and be quick and efficient.
Reviewed by:  from Madison, WI. on 10/22/2014
5 Stars
The 701 is the best dehaze I have ever used! It'll take month old black plastisol out of a screen mesh in seconds. Its removed ghosts that I had for 6 plus months. It even cleans tools with stubborn dried ink on them. I constantly find myself using a squirt here and there on spatulas and squeegees because its faster than my other chemicals. The only downside is the price tag @ $45 a gallon its a stretch if you don't use a dip tank. I dilute mine about 35% with water and it still gets the job done fine.
Reviewed by:  from Charleston, SC. on 3/19/2014

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