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Easiway PT525 Dip Tank - 25 Gallon
Easiway PT525 Dip Tank - 25 Gallon

Easiway PT525 Dip Tank - 25 Gallon

Your Price: $250.00
Part Number:EASIPT525-TANK
This is truly the Swiss-Army Knife of Dip Tanks!

At Easiway, we believe everyone should be able to spend less time in their reclaim rooms and still get the job done 100%. That is why our award-winning engineering team has been working on conducting extensive tank studies, testing materials, and countless prototypes. The result? The perfect tank.

We created this specifically with our customers in mind - removing almost 10 inches from the height of our current PT-520 tanks for easier access, a built-in hold-down bar to keep screens submerged, and the industry's first-ever built-in drip ledge. The size of this tank will fit both the PT-506 and PT-520 user needs at a great price point.

  • Capacity: 25 Gallons
  • Dimensions: 37"W x 13"D x 28"H
  • Will hold (3) - 23" x 31" frames horizontally or 20" x 24" frames vertically
  • Built-in screen hold-down bar to keep screens submerged
  • The industry's only in-tank drip ledge to eliminate wasted chemical
  • Sludge catch molded into the bottom of the tank
  • Drain for easy emptying
  • Includes lid


1. Scrape ink 
2. Pull tape 
3. Dip screens (1-3 minutes or until film loosens from mesh) 
4. Pressure rinse 
5. Spray an Easiway approved stain remover such as Easiway 701
6. Scrub 
7. Pressure rinse 
8. Flood rinse screen. After finishing the final flood rinse your screen is reclaimed.

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