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Exile Freestyler Direct-To-Screen System
Freestyler Direct-To-Screen System

Exile Freestyler Direct-To-Screen System

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Part Number:WOR-900-100700

EXILE is excited to introduce the latest in Direct-to Screen (also known as Computer-to-Screen CTS) and Direct to Garment imaging. The FREEStyler Hybrid has arrived and it's poised to bring the benefits of DTS and DTG to the shop who has had difficulty justifying the expense of current systems on the market today. With it's low low price tag, now nearly any textile screen printer can afford to print direct to garment and eliminate film from their screen process with this innovative printer!

Not only does the FREEStyler Hybrid eliminate film from the screen making process, with a quick cartridge change, it will also print beautiful images direct to shirts and other light garments. There is no other system out there that can claim that! It does both types of work at resolutions up to 1200 x 2400 dpi, providing exceptional print quality in color and on screen.

As a DTS system, the FREEStyler uses up to four black cartridges that contain specially formulated UV light blocking ink. This water soluble ink provides density readings over 3.5 UV, which means it will hold small halftone dots and fine details, much better than vellum or ink jet film. Since the ink is directly applied to the emulsion, no vacuum is required and there is no chance of undercutting during exposure. In fact, exposure times are typically reduced since there is no glass or film to diffuse UV light. With the screen either lifted off the glass, or in an exposure system like the LightSpeed (designed specifically for DTS / CTS) pinholes are almost entirely eliminated, which means less touching up the screen after exposure.

The real advantage of using the FREEStyler as a DTS system is the registration capabilities. The FREEStyler Hybrid digitally places the image with absolute accuracy. This eliminates human error with manual placement of film separations on multiple screens. With the integrated 3 point registration system, you are assured that multi-colored jobs will always be in the correct position from the minute they are put into the press. That translates into less press setup up time, and more jobs run per day, making your print shop more profitable.

Technical Specifications:

Model FREEStyler Hybrid

Printhead Thermal DOD (Drop on Demand) Inkjet (1-4 offset heads - software selectable)

Resolution 600x1200, 1200x1200 & 1200x2400 dpi for max screen rulings of 55-60lpi

Max Screen Size 36” (915 mm) high x 26” (660 mm) wide

Image Size 29” (735 mm) high x 20” (508 mm) wide

Image Speed Fast mode (Solid Colors) = 0.024m2 per min, Quality mode (Halftones) = 0.012m2 per min (based on single head operation)

Interface USB (via PC Windows)

Voltage AC100/220V Auto sensing

Environment 50-70% relative humidity

Temperature 68F-86F (20-30C)

Weight 110 lbs (50kg)

Dimensions 48" x 40" x 16.5" - (W x D x H) (1250 mm x 1020 mm x 420 mm)

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