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GlitterFlex Ultra
GlitterFlex Ultra

GlitterFlex Ultra

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19.5x15' [+$78.84]

**NOTE: Certain Colors may not be Available in all Sizes**
Introducing NEW Glitterflex Ultra!! It has the widest color selection on the market: 30 amazing colors to be exact. This glitter product has an easy-to-use sticky carrier, which makes weeding a snap. It has actual glitter flakes encased in a high quality heat sealing adhesive.

As GlitterFlex™ Ultra films are thicker than most of our other films, simply increase the downward pressure of your knife blade in order to ensure clean cuts and easy weeding.  

Please note - The Holo Pink (GF-Ultra 13) and the Holo Orange (GF-Ultra 30) have limited opacity when pressing onto dark garments, so for best results, please test the effect before doing a large run. 

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