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Graphic Trends For 2019

Posted by Caleb Morgan on 9/21/2018

Graphic Trends For 2019


Even though this article covers expected trends more so in the fashion industry, we thought it’d be important to share with you nonetheless. The emerging market of young people seeking to leave their mark on the world while looking their best will only continue to increase in the coming year. Let’s talk about some industry trends to watch for the remainder of 2018 on into 2019.

The All-American Road Trip

            Thinking of far-away exotic locations? Think again. These great United States will be the destination of choice for vacation prints and graphics. Some aesthetics to incorporate will be tropical, palm-shaded resorts and dry desert locations. Faded postcards will reinterpret a thing of the past with warm, amber colors. Finally, the tried and true trucker patch is still going strong. Putting these on utility or denim jackets embody the road trip spirit.


Under the Sea

            The classy looks of nautical themed graphics can’t be overlooked going into 2019. However, there will be a shift towards more playful and bold colors that will work for both men and women’s styles. High-spirited sea creatures with cartoon-like appearances will be the focus. Put these graphics front and center on your customers apparel and you’ll be sailing the high seas of success in 2019.


Iconography: The Icons, Man.

            Pop-culture icons are named such for a reason, because they’re popular. We see their faces everywhere. On TV, billboards, our news feed, our Insta feed and in our ears when we listen to their music. Let’s not forget the icons of the past, either. This love of pop culture has translated well onto decorated apparel. Polaroids and Magazine covers inspire print panels and patches. Monochrome color effects point to vintage portraits. You can’t go wrong with this approach to design as they’re sure to appeal to a large audience and your bottom line.


Don’t Forget Colors!

            It’s also important to remember what colors are on-trend for the coming months. 2017 saw the infamous millennial pink, a beautiful shade of pastel youth. 2018s color of the year has been ultraviolet. A bold statement for a bold year in pop culture for sure. We’ve talked to some screenprinters to see what their most requested color and color/combinations have been for 2018. You guessed it, “light pink”. Bright and cheerful colors will always have a place in the decorated apparel industry. As we go into October, breast cancer awareness month, we’re sure to see a boost in pink ink sales and lighter colored sweatshirts and tees to support the fight to end cancer. Other printers have reported that Vegas Gold has been popular this year. Let’s not forget the dependable white on black combination. There’s no telling how many shirts that have been printed with this configuration.


            We predict a continued trend of bold colors complemented by more subdued, pastel tones. Minimalism has been popular for a very long time and will continue to reinvent itself thanks to innovators and influencers in the industry. Typography has also taken a turn for the bold, as marketers have struggled in the past few years to connect with their audiences in new ways. Front and center typography has been the go-to method to spread their message. We hope you found this article to be insightful and helpful as you finish out the year strong and prime yourself and your business for continued success in 2019 and beyond.


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