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Halloween Impression Ideas

Posted by Caleb Morgan on 10/16/2018
With Halloween right around the corner and fall in full swing (for the most part) it’s the season of pumpkins and trick-or-treat shirts. Here we’ve gathered a few shirts for inspiration along with a few HTV tips, so you can take advantage of the season.

Pro Tip: Be sure to always test cut before you cut the final pieces you’ll be using. When the material you’re cutting is cut properly it weeds much better. Test cuts should be made for each color of vinyl you’re using. Also keep in mind that each batch of vinyl produced, Thermoflex for example, will not be the same as the next one.

Trick-or-Treat White HTV

Photo credit (Etsy user: AnnaKnight)

This simple design is only one color of vinyl. Sometimes simple is best, right? Hand-lettering is what’s hot right now and has been for some time. There’s so much opportunity for word-play, witty sayings, seasons greetings and family names. You could easily capitalize on this trend by offering simple, one color designs like this one at an affordable prize.

Pro Tip: Speaking of white HTV, cut lines can be a little harder to see when cutting on these lighter colors, especially the white, or yellow. Try holding the freshly cut sheet up to the light or place it on a light table to see if you can see any cut lines. If you still don’t see anything, try adjusting your pressure and cut slightly deeper into the material.

Trick-or-treat Sub Transfer

Photo credit (Etsy user: Scrappychicksonvinyl)

This sublimated transfer is full of color and Halloween spirit. Differing from conventional HTV, sublimated transfers a created through a process call ‘dye sublimation’, where the sublimation ink converts from a solid to a gas without going through the liquid form, which allows you to apply an image to specially coated polyester materials using heat and pressure. You can get creative with full sublimated or digital transfers. If you a set of graphics, offer them to customers at lower price for the season, and always offer them customer transfers.

Pro Tip:  Here’s a quick checklist you can use to double check before you start pressing.

Materials? – Cotton, linen, wool, lycra & polyester blends
Heat Press Temp? – 330 degrees Fahrenheit
Pressing Time? – 15 seconds
Press Pressure? – Medium & even
When to Peel? – Warm or cold

Trick-or-Treat Yo’ Self- green glitter HTV

Photo credit (Etsy user: VioletsHandmadeGoods)

Continuing the trick-or-treat trend, we have some glitter HTV to help make this simple design stand out. Why not treat yourself to some glitter? Did you know we carry a large selection of Thermoflex vinyl? The GlitterFlex Ultra series comes in over 30 colors and has actual glitter flakes encased in a high-quality heat-sealing adhesive. The GlitterFlex has an easy-to-use sticky carrier that makes weeding a snap. With glitters, you’re offering customers a premium product. Maybe they have a fall festival coming up and want to show their support, these glitters will help them stand out. Specialty HTV, foil, and glitter material are great things to offer customers all year round. As heat pressing becomes more and more commonplace, printers will need to rely more on specialty materials that help them stand out. We hope you were able to gain some holiday inspiration and maybe a few tips when heat pressing. Happy (almost) Halloween!

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