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How do I Determine What Specialty Inks to Purchase?

Posted by Mary Yaeger on 12/28/2017

Specialty inks come into play when color alone isn’t enough for your customers. There are several types to choose from – dimensional inks, glitters, metallic, discharge. These inks will give unique effects to your garments increasing your shop’s versatility and profit.

Before purchasing any specialty inks, you should consider what type of printing would benefit your shop and customers. The last thing you want to do is offer an overwhelming selection of printing options. Not only does that overwhelm your customer, but it can overwhelm your employees. Best practice is to start small and build yourself up where you see fit. If you want to try them before committing, most distributors and manufacturers offer sample kits. Or, you can take a class!

When you’re ready to purchase, take a moment to think about the demographic of your customers. Are most of your customers coaches for a high school cheer leading team? Or do you print for music festivals? You can then infer that your cheer leading team will want shimmers and glitters, and your music festival-goers will want a soft and vintage feel that discharge offers. That will offer you a last minute insight into what you’re bringing into your shop, how it will improve your prints, expand your customer base and increase your profits.

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