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International Coatings Inks

  • 700 Series Standard Direct Print Inks 700 Series Standard Direct Print Inks
    High-pigment colors for dark fabrics, standard colors for light fabrics and a soft-hand additive that can be mixed with the inks to soften the feel of a print.
  • 900 Series for Nylon 900 Series for Nylon
    For hard-to-print nylon, 900 series inks are recognized as the industry's best. They are fast-flashing, two-part ink systems specifically formulated for nylon.
  • 7100 Performance Pro Series 7100 Performance Pro Series
    Very durable, high-viscosity plastisols formulated for printing directly on most athletic garments, 7100 Series inks also can be used for cold-peel transfers and as a flock adhesive.
  • Specialty Inks Specialty Inks
    For inks outside of normal general purpose inks, IC offers specialty inks for various effects while maintaining high durability and ease of use.
  • IC Ink Additives IC Ink Additives
    Additives and Reducers designed are to provide printers with unique printing solutions and provide today's demanding customers with unique print technique alternatives.