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Introduction to Screen Printing Class - What Goes On?

Posted by Harvey Cole - Outside Sales on 10/30/2014

If you have ever considered attending one of our most popular Screen Printing 101: Introduction to Screen Printing classes but really didn't know what to expect, here is the low-down!

Classes are offered here at our NC location normally on the 3rd Friday of each month.  Our locations in TX, IN, and GA can sometimes have less structured class dates, so a regular check of our Screen Printing Classes page will be helpful there.  By far our most popular class is this class, which will usually fill up within a week of posting on our site here.  This class is normally taught by myself (Harvey) with cooperation from Dwayne and Ronnie, two of our other outside sales guys and absolute treasuries of knowledge and experience.

This class generally runs from around 9am to around 4pm, with a break for lunch (which we provide for you here).  During the first part of the class, you will be able to follow alone in a workbook with a lecture and demonstration of the very basics of screen printing equipment and techniques.  You are always free to ask questions at any time.  You will learn the basics of artwork (we have classes at other times of the year specifically geared toward Corel and Illustrator programs relating to Screen Printing).  Then the fun begins.

No class would be worth its while without real hands-on training, and this is where Texsource excels.  Because we are one of the largest US supply warehouses of screen printing equipment and screen printing supplies, we have everything at the ready, and plenty of time and expertise to help you get the most out of your expectations of the class.  Everything from coating a screen with emulsion to press setup, screen exposure, ink selection, press prep, printing, flashing, and curing; it is all covered hands-on meaning you will be doing the work under the watchful eye of experienced, seasoned veterans who are there to help you with each step.  

We have yet to receive feedback from a single attendee that the class did not meet or exceed their expectations.  Often you will see our reps staying for hours after the class to answer questions or perform even more demonstrations.  We don't want anyone to leave without feeling that they have a thorough understanding of the basics.  

It is an absolutely outstanding introductory class that we have offered for many years.  Every year we look at our comment cards, analyze our techniques, and streamline our methods to make this the best class possible, and we know that if you are considering such a class, this one will surely be worth your while.  We look forward to seeing you here!

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