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Libra Silicone Pigment Concentrate - White
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Libra Silicone Pigment Concentrate - White

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These pigments are designed to be used in an ink mixing system and are not intended for standalone use.

Silicone inks are a new and exciting ink type that allows for the ultimate in low temperature curing and stretchability.  The soft, smooth feel (hand) is unlike anything that can be achieved with plastisol or water based inks, and its durability makes it the perfect ink type for athletic uniforms and polyester materials.  

When printers need to meet specific color-matching criteria, concentrated Libra silicone color pigments are compatible with IMS 3.0 color matching formulas to provide a complete array of color choices.  You can use this combination of pigments to create and match any desired color using the Avient Ink Management System (IMS) software, available to registered users HERE.

Using the IMS Ink Management Software, you can quickly look up a needed Pantone color and the software will give you the exact pigments and quantities to use.  To ensure accurate color results and mix ratios, the use of a digital scale is required.

Inks in the Libra portfolio have been formulated to meet stringent requirements of major brands’ Restricted Substance Lists (RSLs) so printers can be confident that their prints will meet industry compliance standards regardless of brand or print location.

The IMS Ink Management System can be used to create the colors you need via a convenient software download and is available to registered Zodiac Aquarius users HERE.

Libra Translucent Base
Libra Clear Base
Libra Matte Base
Libra Barrier Base

Libra translucent, clear, matte and barrier bases are used in combination with additives designed to achieve soft hand, high stretch and other specific performance requirements. These bases and additives have been formulated to minimize bleed on fabrics that are prone to dye migration.

100% Polyester, Cotton, and Cotton/Poly Blends

Counts: 80-225t/in
Tension: 18-35n/cm3

Standard Emulsion
Off Contact: 1/16"
Emulsion Over Mesh: 25-40 micron

Flash: 300f for 4 seconds (on preheated pallets)
Cure: 60 seconds at 270f

Libra Silicone Pigments
Maximum 20%

Libra Catalyst: 3-5%
Libra Retardant: 0.5-3%
Libra Pigment/Toner: Up to 20%

Store in sealed containers for 12 months from manufacture
>40f <77f

Standard Plastisol Cleaners

Mix up to 20% Pigment Concentrates or Toners to Libra™ 0207 Mixing Base or other Libra™ Silicone clear bases for your desired color and effect.  For specific color matching recipes, use the IMS 3.0 color management system.  Once pigments are mixed in base for desired color, add 3-5% catalyst and mix well before printing.

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