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Matsui Additive Kit for Water Based Inks - Pint Size
Matsui Water Based Additives Kit - Pint Size

Matsui Additive Kit for Water Based Inks - Pint Size

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Part Number:MA-ADDKIT-PT
This is a turnkey kit featuring the most popular additives for Matsui water based inks.  This kit contains 1 pint each of these additives.  The Matsui Retarder will help increase the time it takes for the water to evaporate on the screen, helping to prevent fast drying and potential clogged screens.  The Softener contains silicone, and helps prevent the ink from clinging to the mesh which can aid in screen penetration and also help further prevent screen clogging.  Lastly, the Fixer increases the inks ability to bind with fibers when printing, increasing wash fastness.  

All of these additives are available separately here on the Texsource website, but since they are commonly used together we are offering them here (as well as in Quart size) in a convenient single listing kit.  

Each additive has its own mixing guidelines but as a general starting point you should look to mix 2-4% of each additive by weight to your mixing base.  

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