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More Equipment and Supply Brands at Texsource

Posted by Ronnie Cannon - Outside Sales on 3/22/2016

With many more brands available as an authorized dealer from Texsource, we can more completely serve the needs of screen printing shops of any size and output - choice is a great thing!

Often times we hear from our customer just how amazed they are when they first find us on the internet, or when they first hear about us from someone in the industry.  They are amazed at the immense selection of top industry brands that we serve as authorized dealers for, and it is indeed a lot.  Where other internet retailers have a few product lines to choose from, we believe that every piece of screen printing equipment has a place in a particular shop; a buyer of one brand might not be interested in a different brand, but it is always a good idea to compare, research, and price; and that is something that you simply cannot do anywhere else.  

Have a look at a competitor (not now, stay right here!) - if you are looking for a manual screen printing press you will see one brand.  If you are looking for ink you may see a brand or 2; same with supply items.  How will you know you are getting the best deal, or even the best product for your particular situation?  The answer is that on those sites you simply can't, because there aren't any other product lines to compare to.  

Let't take that same request for a screen printing press and have a look at our site - we see presses from true industry leaders such as Workhorse, Vastex, Brown, BBC, Hix, and Genesis.  Six different manufacturers all competing with each other.  Same thing with dryers, flash units, exposure units, etc.  We even carry a full line of automatic presses from different manufacturers.  

Texsource is an authorized dealer for more brands than any other US retailer

What about screen printing ink?  You know who the most reputable brands are, and they are all right here.  We carry International Coatings, Rutland, Union, QCM, Triangle and our own house-brand Texsource inks.  Again, 6 complete product lines, with full descriptions and comparisons of every series that a particular manufacturer offers.  Have a look at the manufacturer list on our homepage (it is the dropdown on the left-hand side of our site).  You'll see every name of reputable brand on the market.  

We carry such an immense product line because we are absolutely committed to serving the customer interest.  One line of ink and one line of equipment simply will not serve our customers because then we are merely salesmen and pitchmen for a product line - our interest is in your continued success.  We carry more screen printing equipment lines because we spend the resources necessary to buy into these brands and take the time to learn their product lines so that we can know what product fits you best - it is never about a commission check or just making a sale here, it is about your long term growth and success.  
So browse around a while, read the numerous product reviews left by satisfied customers, ask a question if you have one - we are here to help you and make sure that have the right products and that the product you have work for you.  More brands give you more information, and more choices.  And when you are representing your shop with your hard earned money and are looking to make an equipment or supply purchase, more choices are always good to have!

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