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New Class for White Inks, Discharge, and Silicone Inks

Posted by Bubba Thomas - Outside Sales on 3/7/2016
If you are new to screen printing, you might have wondered why on earth there are so many different varieties of white screen printing ink - what are the differences, and when should each variety be used?  Next week we present a special class that deals with exactly these questions. 

Texsource stocks dozens of different version of white ink.  Standard plastisol ink, bases, underlays, poly inks, different shades of white, etc.  Each is more or less designed for a specific use.  But as a new printer (or even if you have been around a while) how do you know you are ordering the right screen printing ink for the job?  Out latest screen printing class that will be held at our NC location will feature representatives from Rutland Ink to help you sort all that out and ensure that you have the right ink for the job.  

In addition, we are including a significant segment of that class devoted to Discharge Printing and Rutland / Union Plasticharge products.  If you have seen shirts that are printed and seem to be almost 'dyed' rather than screen printed with standard screen printing ink then it is likely a shirt produced using the discharge method.  They often have a soft, distressed look that, along with the feel, is very much in demand in the fashion of the day.  You will learn the proper techniques and products to use to be able to achieve this effect and add an important money making service to your customers that seems to be more and more in demand every day.  

Discharge printing leaves a very soft hand / distressed look that is in demand

Lastly, we offer our second classroom look at the new Rutland line of silicone screen printing ink.  If you feel a little out of the loop here you are likely not alone - this is an entirely new technology to the screen printing industry, with Rutland having debuted their new silicone ink product line only in January.  Silicone inks can fundamentally change the way you screen print, especially with regards to athletic garments and polyester garments.  Silicone inks 'set' at a much lower temperature than standard poly inks, normally negating any dye migration issues in all but the poorest quality substrates.  Best of all it requires no change to your existing screen printing equipment.  Learn first hand from the manufacturer that helped to develop the technology how this exciting new product line can work for you.  Texsource was the very first US distributor for these inks and has been involved with product testing since long before the official release and we are proud to being another learning opportunity for this product line to you.  Learn how to screen print from the very best!

Silicone inks have amazing flexibility and a very unique, soft feel

Classes at Texsource are an affordable $69.95 per person our screen printing classes here and make your plans to attend today!

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