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Numbers Printing with the Vastex DiGIT

Posted by Ryan Bolin - Outside Sales on 3/28/2016
 Spring is the time that many shops gear up for printing of athletic jerseys, and there is no better piece of screen printing equipment to help you with jersey numbering that the Vastex Digit numbering system.

The Vastex Digit is one of the most popular pieces of screen printing equipment that we sell here at Texsource, especially around this time of year and also in the fall.  We typically keep a complete system or two here in stock, and we can quickly set the system up for a full demo (it is just as quick to setup in your shop as well).  Provided you have a decent quality press, it is designed to fit into a screen printing press made by a variety of manufacturers.  

The true beauty of the system is in its simplicity and ease of use, excellently designed and tested by Vastex Equipment.  Once properly mounted in your manual press, you can simply slide the screen from left to right to select your number.  There are slots for centering a single number, or for double digit numbers you can select whether that number will be printed on the right or left of the other number.  Since the number "1" is thinner than other numbers in most fonts, there is an offset setting for that digit, so that your printing is still centered on the jersey no matter what number you are printing.  

Have a look at this video by Vastex Equipment demonstrating the Vastex Digit Numbering System presented at the most recent Texsource Open House Event - 

As you can see, the Vastex Digit Numbering System is the ideal system for fast, accurate athletic numbering.  

With the introduction of our new line of Rutland Silicone Inks, there has perhaps never been a more exciting time in athletic numbering.  Silicone inks are ideal for athletic wear with their adhesion and flexibility, and they have a smooth, soft feel that cannot be matched by any existing plastisol ink.  

Many screen printing shops depend on athletic seasons for a large part of their yearly business.  Why not make an investment that will pay off big for your business for years to come?  The Vastex Digit Numbering System is fast, affordable, efficient, and will serve your business without trouble for many years of printing.  It is one serious piece of screen printing equipment you need if you are printing numbers on jerseys, and nobody will match the deal that Texsource can make you today!

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