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Numbers Season Coming Up!

Posted by Ryan Bolin - Outside Sales on 2/11/2015

Spring is right around the corner, and with that comes Numbers Printing season.

Screen Printing numbers for athletic jerseys is one of the most common issues that I see customers facing - how to print numbers with the most efficiency.  Many shops will have screens on hand with numbers already burnt-in, but this method requires you to keep up with these screens for long periods of time.  Some burn screens each time an order comes in.  Athletic printing is the lifeblood of many shops, so an efficient numbering system can significantly impact your profit during this busiest of times.  

Consider a dedicated numbering system.  The Vastex DiGIT is perhaps our most popular one.  Here is a video that helps to introduce the system and demonstrate just how quick and easy it is to number a jersey (as demonstrated at Texsource by Paul with Vastex).

As you can see, this is far superior in almost every way to not having a system such as this.  Another way is with a dedicated Number Stencil pack such as those from Texsource by Prestige.  You can buy individual numbers in sizes form 2" to 12", purchase a complete package with all numbers, and also select block or outline.  This numbering method allows you to direct print numbers on most fabrics without investing inexpensive numbering equipment. These inexpensive stencils adhere to the screen on the printing stroke and are thrown away after printing. The next stencil is then adhered to the screen in the same fashion with no adjustment or clean up of the screen between numbers. Texsource also offers numbering systems from Brown Equipment.  

Lastly, a very efficient but not quite as cost wary method of numbering is by Heat Transfer.  Pre-printing your numbers to transfer paper in a variety of colors will allow you to always have numbers on hand for customers who need a print job done at the last minute.  You can simply pull from your inventory of numbers and press them right onto the garment. There is, of course, some setup time involved in this step, but having numbers on hand, ready to go, can sometimes mean the difference in making a sale or losing a customer.  

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