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Pallet Adhesives - The Differences

Posted by Bubba Thomas - Georgia Location Manager on 5/14/2014

One thing that I have been hearing a fair amount lately is customers asking about pallet setup and pallet adhesives.  Here is a rundown of what Texsource offers, and proper use of adhesives.  

Flash Tack Adhesives
A flash tack adhesive, such as Albatross 1786, Camie 375, Sprayway 87, and Texsource Texflash Tack work well on darker colors and when using a flash unit.  They stick better and become tackier when heat is applied.  You will apply flash tack adhesive much less often when using heat, but these also have a good tack when used cold.

Mist Adhesives 
Mist adhesives work best on light colored garments, and when no flash is needed or used.  Excellent examples of these include Albatross 1782, Camie 380, Sprayway 382, and Texsource Screen Adhesive.  This type of adhesive is less ideal for thicker garments and may need to be applied more often.

Web Adhesives
Web adhesives is a very tacky adhesive that is an excellent choice for heavier garments such as sweatshirts, towels, and other garments with a more uneven cloth pattern.  The adhesive comes out and makes a 'web' of adhesive on the pallet that is not as evenly distributed as mist or flash tack, but is sticker and thicker then either.  Consider Sprayway 383, Camie 385, or Texsource Tex-Webb adhesives.  

Water-Based Adhesives
These adhesives give several advantages over aerosol-based adhesives.  They are non-aerosol, so there are no fumes or airborne agents that can easily be breathed in, they can be purchased in larger quantities, there are spray adapters and sprayers that make frequent applications in busy shops much easier, and they typically last longer on the pallet than spray adhesives.  The Albatross 1082, Tekmar TB-10, and Tekmar TB-EZ are all excellent water-based adhesives.  These adhesives are generally not as good on heavier products that web adhesives would be used for.  

Tekmar TB-EZ is an excellent water-based adhesive

Pallet Paper
As always, you should cover your pallet with a good pallet tape and paper, such as the Texsource Pallet Paper.  Use the appropriate spray or water-based adhesive and your shirts will remain in place throughout the printing process, and cleanup will be quick and fast!

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