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Pantone Ink Mixing at Texsource

Posted by Dwayne Collins - Outside Sales on 3/10/2016
Pantone Ink Mixing at Texsource
For many years, Texsource Screen Printing Supply has offered custom PMS color matching for ink to our customers.  Now we are very please to be the first distributor in the US to offer fully automated Pantone color matching for inks to our customers. 

This new system was developed by Novaflow Corporation of Canada for Rutland Inks, and Texsource is the very first US distributor to have this system installed at our NC facility.  It draws from up to 18 primary color containers in closely monitored and weighed amounts, ensuring a fast, precise, and consistent match.  Custom color matching is available in pint, quart, gallon, and 5 gallon sizes.  

Pantone Ink Mixing Station Now Available at Texsource

The best news is that custom mix quotes will soon be a thing of the past as well, as Texsource is currently working toward a flat-rate pricing model across all sizes.  That makes it easy and fast for the shop owner.  No more having to get a quote and get back with your customer - you will know your exact cost no matter what PMS ink color you need.  Also, our web team is quickly developing a new web interface that will allow for ordering of any PMS color right online - you point and click, we mix and ship!

This equipment is an investment in the Texsource customer - we are committed to providing you the absolute best service available from any supplier of screen printing supplies.  Custom Pantone inks can now be quickly mixed and shipped out same day when ordered by out cutoff time each day.  You don't have to wait, and in turn your customer gets their product faster as well.  

Want to see the system in action?  Here is a quick video shot by some of the guys here to give a quick overview of the features and performance that it is capable of - 

Mixing by hand is a slow process that is inconsistent and sometimes unpredictable.  When you need a custom color mixed quickly and correctly, trust Texsource to deliver.  Once again, we are leading the way in putting the interest of the customer first!

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