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Promoting Your Screen Printing Business

Posted by Ronnie Cannon - Outside Sales on 3/3/2015

Learning to successfully market your screen printing business means following some tried and true methods, and also learning to think outside the norm in some cases.

Paging through marketing ideas can be a tedious task, and many screen printing businesses simply ignore creative marketing altogether, opting instead to print some shirts with their logo and give them away, or perhaps some tried and true business cards.  It is true that some of the older established methods such as yellow page listing may not be as effective as they once were, so it is important to take advantage of every avenue available to you.  With name recognition being extremely important, your reputation will definitely precede you when a customer is looking for a company to do business with.  You must have a reputation for value, honesty, and quality above all other things.  

Generate Return Business
You may look at new customer rate as an important metric, and it is; but a more telling number is your return business.  Show your established customers that you want to keep their business by periodically offering return customer discounts or specials.  This will also let a new customer know that yours is a company that appreciates and works with established clients. 

Stay Active on Social Media
Social Media of today are excellent ways to keep your name in front of customers, both new and established.  Platforms like Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are all free and fast ways to have your work be seen and keep up name recognition.  Remember that customers are not always looking for a print job, but it is important that when they are that your name comes to mind first.

Take Advantage of Other Outlets
There are numerous other outlets to stay active in front of your customers - write and promote a screen printing blog, have your local newspaper do a feature on your company, participate in screen printing online forums, get listed on as many business indexes as you can online.  

Almost everything mentioned so far are methods that will mostly cost you nothing more that time.  Compare this to marketing 10-15 years ago when you had to count on word of mouth and paid advertising and you can see how important these opportunities are to take advantage of.  

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