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Quick Read: Are You Ready For The Big Game?

Posted by Caleb Morgan on 1/22/2019
Super Bowl LIII® will air Sunday February 3, 2019 at 6:30 PM on CBS® and online.

We’re twelve days out from one of the biggest events of the year, Super Bowl LIII®. The Brady-led Patriots will take on the Los Angeles Rams®, whose head coach Sean McVay (30) became the youngest head coach in modern NFL® history when he was brought on back in 2017. In more pressing matters, who’s gonna print those special championship t-shirts that magically appear immediately after the game with the winning team front and center? Well, for last years Super Bowl LII®, sports apparel company Fanatics® partnered with Kevins Worldwide in Scranton, PA to print approximately 13,000 Eagles Super Bowl® Championship shirts immediately following the game. The merchandise was quickly distributed to various retailers chosen by the NFL®. The ones you see the players wear are referred to as “locker room shirts” that special groups of people are tasked with preparing for up to six months in advance and are therefore ready beforehand. What about the losing team? The NFL® and its governing bodies have partnered in recent years with humanitarian organizations to deliver the estimated $2 million dollars’ worth of misprinted clothing to third world countries overseas. For this year, it is not known currently who will get the chance to print the ever-popular shirts, as the NFL® chooses multiple printing operations across the US to manufacture them. Aside from being a well-received strategy on the NFL®s part to keep manufacturing local, what are some ways your screen printing business can capitalize on “the big game”?

Just about everyone you know will be either hosting a watch party of going to one, so why not print them some championship shirts of their own. Just be sure to avoid any copyright issues, as the NFL® has been known to crack down hard on unauthorized and unlicensed usage of their team’s logos, likenesses, etc. For instance, even non-affiliated radio stations must refer to the event as “the big game” versus The Super Bowl®. You know those super-tacky “this is my cruise shirt” tees that families come to you to print? That’s the idea here; also think of family reunion shirts. Something like, “Smith Family's Big Game Watch Party 2019” will work great. For those that couldn’t care less about the game and are just there for moral support, “just here for the commercials” will sell well. We can’t forget about the Halftime Show; this year Maroon 5® will be headlining. It’s safe to say some people will be watching just for them, so throw “I’m just here for the halftime show” on a shirt and it’s sure to be a hit. There’s lots of ways your business can benefit from this time of the year, so reach out to your friends and their friends and let them know you’ve got their game merch needs covered.

NFL® is a registered trademark of The National Football League. New England Patriots® logo is a registered trademark of New England Patriots LLC. Los Angeles Rams® logo is a registered trademark of The St. Louis Rams Partnership. Maroon 5® is a registered trademark of Adam Levine. All Rights Reserved. 

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