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Rhino Filter Media for M10 Filtration System
Rhino M10 replacement filtration filament

Rhino Filter Media for M10 Filtration System

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10 Micron [+$118.75]
If you are using a Rhino M10 and need replacement filament, then here is your product.  

Filter Media/ 10 Micron for M10 and M-10F 21”X50yrds

These rolls are 21 inches wide by 50 yards (150 feet).  

This is for the M10 filtration system and M10F filtration units. 

What are the different Rhino filtration system differences?
M5 - Manual filtration uses common screen elements for filtration.
M10 - Manual filtration uses a single stage 10 micron filtration element (included).
M10F - Automatic filtration uses 3-stage filtration and included a discharge pump.

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