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Rhino Soak Tank
Rhino Soak Tank

Rhino Soak Tank

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26x8x26 - 23 Gallon [+$600.00]
33x14x24 - 48 Gallon [+$720.00]
40x16x38 - 105 Gallon [+$790.00]

The RhinoClean™ Dip Tank / Emulsion Removal Systems are designed for fast, safe, and efficient removal of screen printing stencils. The RhinoClean™ System, when used in conjunction with RhinoClean Emulsion Remover or AP1000 (all in one) Ink Degradent Emulsion Remover, will effectively remove all types of emulsions from the screen. Once soft, remove with high pressure washer.

By using the RhinoClean™ Dip Tank / Emulsion Removal Systems you are saving time and money by cutting down the amount of chemicals used. You are also being compliant by minimizing the volume of chemicals going down your drain. Therefore, you are not leaving a large carbon foot print on our environment.

Benefits of the RHINOCLEAN™ System:

  • Frees employees for other jobs 
  • Extends the life of Ink Degradent / Emulsion remover 
  • Reduces excess exposure to chemicals for employees

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