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Rutland Endurance Plus Mixing Base
Rutland Endurance Plus Mixing Base

Rutland Endurance Plus Mixing Base

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Rutland Endurance Plus Mixing Base can be used with Rutland’s C3 Color Boosters to create desired low temperature colors.  Formulations are available in the RGCC Color Software.  Mixed colors would be printed over the Barrier Grey/White layer for the most brilliant prints.  EL8209 Endurance Plus Black is also available with same low temperature print qualities. Low temperature cure from 280°F (138°C) to 300° F (149°C).


    Low temperature cure from 280°F (138°C) to 300° F (149°C).
    Smooth athletic surface on cured print.
    Soft drape, supple feel to the print.
    Superior bleed resistance for printing on 100% polyester fabrics.
    Great stretch and recovery makes it a perfect athletic ink.
    Complies as a non-phthalate and no lead product as defined by CPSC.

Endurance Plus prints well through mesh ranges from 86-156 mc in. (34-62 mc CM.) Recommend 70-80 Durometer squeegee with sharp edge for maximum print definition.

NOTE: Poorly dyed polyester or too much heat in the curing process can overcome any low bleed inks ability to block dye migration. For severe migration use EL0755 Endurance Plus Barrier Grey as an underlay. Printers should always test the ink on their fabric under their process conditions before printing production runs.


Do not dry clean, bleach, or iron the printed image.

Category: Mixing Inks
Sub Category: Base
Chemistry: Plastisol
Substrate(s): Poly
Best Used By: 12 months
Certification(s): ISO9001

Fusion Temperature: 280°F
Gel Point: 150°F

Viscosity: High
Coverage: High Opacity
After Flash Tack: Medium
Bleed Resistance: Great for 100% Polyester

Mesh: 86 to 156
Underlay: EL0755 Endurance PlusGrey Base
Emulsion Types: Capillary film, Direct
Cleanup: Non-Phthalate screen wash

Storage Temperature: 65°F - 95°F (18°C - 35°C)
Storage Notes: Avoid direct sun.

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