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Rutland Fluorescent Magenta - C3 Mixing System
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Rutland Fluorescent Magenta - C3 Mixing System

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Claira™ C3 Non-Phthalate Color Booster mixing system is a single pigmented color system with built-in binders. No need to worry about pigment overload with these concentrates. They may be used at up to 50% in Rutland’s NPT bases to mix non-phthalate printing inks. C3 Color Boosters directly replace both the EB and CB products.

  • Concentrated single pigment primary colors 
  • Non-phthalate for mixing environmentally safe plastisol inks 
  • User friendly, easy mix, easy print 
  • Low crock and matte finish when mixed in NPT HO Matte Base 
  • Use Rutland’s NPT VO Base for maximum opacity 
  • Great opacity and brilliant colors when mixed per formula 

Application: Mix thousands of colors by using Claira™ C3 Non-Phthalate Color Boosters in any of the Claira™ Non-Phthalate Specialty bases per the formulations found in the M2007 Ink Mixing software. Simply mix the C3s with the appropriate nonphthalate base.

Printing on White Garments: Mix per formulation or custom blend to achieve brilliant colors on 100% cotton whites. For extremely soft-hand prints, mix finished color (C3 plus base) with up to 1:1 with Claira NPT Chino Base. 

Printing on Dark Garments or over an underlay: When printing on dark garments, mix per formulation or custom blend to achieve brilliant colors over an underlay. Use the NPT Low Bleed White on poly/cotton blends and the NPT Barrier base when printing on 100% polyester.

Puff designs: Mix 10-15% of Claira NPT Puff Additive to any formulated Claira™ Color (C3 plus base) to create a puff ink. 

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