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Rutland Low Bleed Silky White
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Rutland Low Bleed Silky White

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SILKY LB White is designed for maximum smoothness and opacity on poly/cotton fabrics. It is opaque, with excellent matting characteristics and a creamy consistency. This low bleed ink is designed to print with both manual and automatic presses. SILKY LB White is fast-flashing, allowing for shorter dwell times and faster production rates. It works well for highlights or as a stand-alone white. 

Printing: For best results, flood the image and print using a sharp 70 durometer squeegee. A 65-90- 65 durometer squeegee may be used when a very heavy deposit is required. SILKY LB White will print through screen meshes in the range of 86-305 MCI (32-120 MC cm). For smoothest deposit, use 160 MCI (62 MC cm) mesh or higher when necessary. Coarse meshes (86—110 MCI, 34-43 MC cm) are recommended for a thicker ink deposit which may be needed for heavy fleece fabric. 

Additives: SILKY LB White is a ready-to-print ink. Reduce, only if necessary, using curable reducer. Reducing the viscosity will also reduce the opacity and bleed resistance of the ink. Please test before production run. 

Flashing: Parameters vary between all flash units. Flash for 2-3 seconds with the ink deposit reaching 150-250°F (65-121°C). Ink should be dry and without tack. Warning: Over-flashing can cure the ink and prevent adhesion between coats of ink. 

Curing: Cure at 320°F (160°C) over a 60-90 second period, depending on oven type and thickness of ink deposit. A thicker deposit will take longer to cure as the heat must penetrate through the entire ink layer. 

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