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Rutland M3 Ink Mixing Kit - Gallon Size Kit
Rutland M3 Mixing Kit - Gallon Size Kit

Rutland M3 Ink Mixing Kit - Gallon Size Kit

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Part Number:RUT-M3-GAL-KIT
When your color mixing needs are greater than our quart-size kit, step up to gallon-size!  The Rutland M3 Primary Color Kit is the complete set needed for use with the Rutland IMS Ink Mixing Software (free registration via the Avient / Rutland website). 

The M3 Finished Ink Mixing System is Rutland's popular and forgiving Pantone® certified color matching system. This high-performance, low-tack plastisol color mixing system is designed for printing on 100% cotton fabrics. It is an excellent color matching system for printing onto cotton/polyester blends when used with an added underbase with a low-bleed white or similar first-down product.

This system is designed for use with the IMS 3.0 ink management system (you will receive access to this online system from Rutland after purchase).  IMS 3.0 is a cloud-based solution for managing color and inventory in the textile screen-printing market. Offering tools for color creation and standardizing, IMS manages daily maneuvers in a highly functional ink room by providing color management and communication agility. Color chip images appear with formulations to help with visual communication. The new platform and updated functionality will continue to add functional support and innovation to the concept of total ink room management.

Avient / Rutland IMS Ink Management System

The M3 finished ink mixing system is a very opaque mixing system, offering excellent consistency on press throughout production runs. It is comprised of user-friendly inks, producing very bright colors and maintaining saturation during long production runs.

The Rutland IMS Software does the calculating for you, with exact amounts needed of each color.  It even calculates estimated print costs.  For best results, Texsource recommends the use of an accurate digital scale.


5 - Gal - M3 White
1 - Gal - HO Violet
1 - Gal - HO Blue #1
1 - Gal - HO Blue #2
1 - Gal - HO Marine
1 - Gal - HO Green
1 - Gal - HO Yellow
1 - Gal - HO Scarlet
1 - Gal - HO Red
1 - Gal - HO Black
1 - Gal - Natural Base
1 - Qt - FLO Magenta
1 - Qt - FLO Violet
1 - Qt - FLO Lemon
1 - Qt - FLO Red

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