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Rutland NPT Process Cyan
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Rutland NPT Process Cyan

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The EC Series of 4-Color Process plastisols are transparent, intense primary colors designed specifically for four-color process printing onto white 100% cotton fabrics. The yellow, magenta, and cyan have been enhanced to achieve maximum color range, which decreases the need for spot colors. The EC Series is available in standard strengths. With the EC series, direct, dual-cure, and capillary stencils can be used. As with all plastisol printing, do not dry clean and do not use bleach when washing.



The EC Series was designed for printing on 100% cotton fabrics.



Cure at 320 F for 3-minutes for total cure. Plastisols are thermoplastic, requiring heat for fusion. As with all plastisol prints, be sure to test the print area of the fabric for crock fastness and stretching. For a crock test, simply wipe the print area vigorously with a white cloth and then examine the white cloth. Clean wipe passes and color rubbing-off fails. An exception to this test is found with the use of red and blue inks, which will slightly rub-off. For stretch testing simply hold the print with both hands and stretch the print to the maximum extent possible, then inspect for cracks in the print area. Stretching without cracking passes while any cracking fails.


EC-0125 Extender Base should be used.

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