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Screen Preparation: Screen Degreasing

Posted by Angel Peterson on 6/11/2018

Screen Preparation: Screen Degreasing

In the screen printing preparation process, degreasing the screen is an important step. It is not wise to jump directly to coating the emulsion onto the screen when it has not been cleaned properly. The degreasing process will remove any unwanted dirt, oil or dust that could potentially cause screen breakdown. For example, spots called “fish-eyes” may pop up on the screen when it has been coated with emulsion without being properly degreased first. The oil from someone's hands could possibly cause the liquid emulsion to repeal leaving small spots.

Process of Properly Degreasing a Screen:

  1. Place your screen into a sink and wet it on both sides  

  2. Spray a small amount of degreaser onto the screen

  3. Use a white scrub pad, and scrub from top to bottom and side to side

  4. Change the scrub pad often to avoid contaminating the screen

  5. After scrubbing the screen, rinse from top to bottom to thoroughly clean off the degreaser

  6. If you are applying a capillary film, you may proceed to attach the film while the mesh is still wet

  7. Do not touch the mesh with your hands after degreasing and do not use a fan. The fan can cause debris to blow and stick to the mesh, which can cause screen breakdown

If using emulsion to coat screen, allow the screen to dry in a clean environment

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