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Screen Printing Classes - What Can I Learn?

Posted by Ronnie Cannon - Outside Sales on 6/12/2014

What can I really learn at the Texsource classes that are offered in the various locations?  Is it worth it for me to take the class?

One of the things that sets Texsource apart from other supply dealers is that we believe in a well informed and educated customer, and we believe that it is our responsibility as industry leaders to stay on top of all the latest trends, products, and techniques, and to pass that knowledge on to our customers.  

Texsource spends a good deal of resources keeping our staff educated.  We attend trade shows, seminars, product introductions, and generally try to keep up with everything we can.  We pass this information on to you here on our website, at our open house, at other industry trade shows, and in our classes.  When you spend your money on a product at Texsource, we want you to know the ins-and-outs of that product, to know how to maximize its use and get the most for your money.  

Our classes are an excellent example of this.  Texsource offers classes such as introductory classes, for those who have never screen printed at all.  Specialty printing classes, for using materials other than standard inks.  This lets you offer products that other printers will not, and give you an opportunity to increase your profits.  We offer embroidery classes, sign-making classes, Corel and Illustrator classes, website classes to help with your marketing.    Anything that we believe could benefit your business, we will try to help with.  

Our classes used to be quite large, with several dozen attendees.  But what we found over time is that we were not giving the singular attention to each attendee that we needed to give.  So we have trimmed down our available seating to around 12-15 at most.  This gives our instructors time and opportunity to get to know you, what your experience is, your level of knowledge, and what your goals are.  Classes are about half lecture, half hands-on, so the smaller class size gives each attendee much more time with the actual process.  This is likely the biggest benefit, and the part of our classes that gets the most positive comments from attendees.  And there is always time for questions.  We feel that if you go away with unanswered questions, then we have not done our job well enough.  

So rest assured that when we have a class, we have done our homework too, and are bringing you the most accurate information that we can.  We are here to serve our customers, and take educating you very seriously.  Our success depends on your success! 

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