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Screen Printing Specialty Materials

Posted by Dwayne Collins - Outside Sales on 3/24/2013
You can set yourself apart from your competitors by offering an array of specialty screen printing products that are truly different!  This posting will cover some of the various specialty products that are offered here at Texsource.

Phosphorescent Glow Ink
Phosphorescent is a glow-in-the-dark plastisol ink that is ready to use right out of the bucket.  It is formulated for application to cotton and cotton/polyester garments and novelty items.  One use for this ink is as a 'surprise' effect on garments; when seen glowing for the first time reactions are amazing as most have never seen a glowing ink on a garment before.  Use with 86-110 mesh.

- printed properly, glow ink can have a stunning effect -  

Crystalina is used to produce a subtle sparkle effect with a high gloss and excellent durability.  Use with 25-40 mesh.

Glitter Inks
Glitter inks can add tremendous appeal to certain print designs.  They are normally used to enhance graphics but can certainly be used as a unique stand-alone project by themselves.  Glitters have been specially formulated to give maximum coverage.  Glitter colors have been incorporated in the clearest, glossiest plastisol base available.  They will produce a dramatic effect with excellent wash durability.  Use with 60-86 mesh.

- glitter inks produce a dramatic visual effect -

Puff Additive
Puff Additive is formulated to be mixed with General Purpose (GEN) Inks and SO Inks to give a raised or elevated effect.  Puff Additive may be added in amounts of percent by weight (15-20%).  It is especially useful in small shops that may not wish to inventory a complete selection of puff colors.

These inks are press-ready and provide a bright, non-tarnishing metallic sparkle to printed garments.  The inks consist of a fine shimmering glitter flake in a low fusion, easy to print base.  This is a real plus for had and automatic printers when it comes to wear and tear on both people and equipment!  Use with 86-125 mesh.

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