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Screen Printing: The Fundamentals of Business

Posted by Chelsea Chafin - webmaster on 1/5/2017

Like I mentioned in a blog last month, “Screen Printing: A Package to Start,” beginning a screen printing company can be very stressful. The blog discusses which screen printing equipment startup package is best for your business. We here at Texsource want to make the transition as easy as possible, so here are some key factors to consider for your startup. While some may seem more important than others, please keep in mind that each is needed to create an efficient business.

Space. One of the most important things for a screen printing company, or any company for that matter, is to have the space to produce. Whether you decide to rent a space for your workshop or to begin out of your home, it is a decision that should be made before further purchases. Note: even if you work from home and have very limited space, Tabletop presses are available.

Startup Fund. Arguably, this could be your main concern depending on if you need to budget for a workspace. You need to make sure you have enough financially to stock up on all the supplies necessary. Whether you do this through saving the money, obtaining a business loan, or equipment financing, you should go into the business with a plan.

Research. Speaking of plans, it takes more than just wanting to create and sell and then doing so. You will want to understand your client base and the market you are entering. What customers do you want to attract? What areas do you plan to sell to and during what times? Are there annual (or more so) special events that occur in which your design/products would sell great?

Ryan Bolin, Manager at Texsource Screen Printing Supply, hard at work (or playing Warcraft).

Site Management. SEO tools are extremely useful to you when it comes to researching and improving your business as you move forward. At least basic knowledge of SEO tools such as Google Analytics or those offered via social media will really come in handy to you the more you understand your business.  These tools allow you to keep track of what is being viewed, bought, or passed over in your online store.

These four elements will help you build your screen printing business once you are knowledgeable in how to screen print and will greatly influence your growth. Also, they will help eliminate stress as you move forward and help you to focus on what you started the business for: screen printing.



Date: 1/15/2017
Very useful as always, I also read your post about the package start, this four fundamentals really useful. Keep on sharing. Thanks

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