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Texsource Chem 100 Haze Ink Ghost Remover Paste
Texsource Chem 100 Haze Ink Ghost Remover Paste

Texsource Chem 100 Haze Ink Ghost Remover Paste

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Industrial grade CAUSTIC chemical used to break down and reclaim the
toughest screens. This chemical should only be used when there is left over emulsion and/or haze stains that are near impossible to remove from your screens. Wear protective eye wear and gloves when using this product.

Ditch the sage and seances, Haze Ink Ghost Remover Paste Chem 100 will exorcise just about anything off your screens be it ink haze, dirt, or ghost images after reclaiming.

  • Highly viscous, thick liquid designed to remove UV, conventional, and plastisol inks particles still haunting the screens after emulsion removal.
  • Works amazing as a degreaser by removing dirt and residue.
  • Can be easily removed with a water rinse
  • Sold in Quarts
*For use after reclaim process, use dg606 gloves in wash booth
  1. Shake or mix thoroughly before usage
  2. Apply Chem 100 to both sides using a brush or a scrub pad, mesh should be wet during application. Start from the center working in a circular motion to the edges of the frame.
  3. Let sit for 3-5 minutes, *do not let sit on screen longer than 10 minutes. Do NOT let dry
  4. Pressure wash for the best image removal.
Chem 100 is specially formulated to reach between the mesh openings with
easy application to remove any remaining ink or emulsion and prevent any
dust, dirt, ink, or emulsion particles from reattaching to the mesh. Chem 100
smooths the ink flow through screens for multiple printing jobs.

Harmful if swallowed. Harmful in contact with skin. Causes severe skin burns
and eye damage. Toxic if inhaled. May cause respiratory irritation. Suspected
of causing cancer. Causes damage to organs; may cause damage to organs

Wear protective clothing/eye/face protection when handling Chem 100. Use
outdoors or in a well-ventilated area. Do not eat, drink, or smoke when using
this product. Wash thoroughly after handling.

Haze Ink Ghost Remover Paste Chem 100 does not remove actual ghosts, if you are experiencing paranormal activity please contact your local priests, mediums, Zak Bagans, or The Ghostbusters.

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