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Texsource Chem 300 Color Change and Press Wipe
Texsource Chem 300 - Color Change and Press Wipe

Texsource Chem 300 Color Change and Press Wipe

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There is nothing like Texsource's environmentally-friendly Chem 300 Color Change and Press Wipe to help smooth out color transitions on-press. 

Chem 300 quickly removes inks from screens and dries fast to save printers a bit of time in between colors. 

It's perfect to have on-press or close by in your reclaiming area.

When performing an on press color change, keep in mind that it will be easier to clean off a lighter colored ink over a darker colored ink, so it's best to print lighter colors first, before transitioning to darker inks. 

  • Scrape as much excess ink off the screen and squeegee as possible using an ink spatula or one of our handy clean up cards.  
  • Generously spray Chem 300 onto screen and scrub with a rag or scrub pad until clean.  
  • If needed, spray both sides of the screen with Chem 300 and use a clean rag to do a final wipe down to ensure the artwork is as clean as possible before the next color.
  • This product is ready-to-use, do not add water in this product.  
  • Transitioning from lighter colors to darker colors typically will produce the best results from Chem 300
  • Wear eye protection, face protection, protective clothing, protective gloves
  • Store in a well-ventilated area. Keep cool. Store Locked up.

5 Stars
Screen Printer
This really is a great product. We use very often in our shop. I use it throughout every job we do to clean the underside of the screen. Love this stuff.
Reviewed by:  from Mint Hill. on 12/2/2018