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Texsource Chem 400 - Ink Degradent
Texsource Chem 400 Ink Degradent

Texsource Chem 400 - Ink Degradent

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Consider Texsource Chem 400 your go to first step when screen cleaning. A powerful fast acting ink degradent, Chem 400 allows printers to quickly move through the screen cleaning and reclaiming process. 

Chem 400 quickly breaks down inks on screens, squeegees and flood bars allowing them to be wiped clean with minimal hassle. 

  • Low odor
  • Quick penetrating formula
  • Can be applied to both wet and dry screens
  • Non-hazardous 
  • Non-flammable
  • Ideal for recirculating systems
1. Take inked screens and remove excess ink with Texsource Ultimate Clean Up Cards. 
2. Apply Chem 400 to both side of the screen, scrub both well and print sides with red scrub pads.  
3. Pressure wash the well side of the screen from top to bottom. 
4. Flip the screen and rinse the print side of the screen until all ink and chemicals have been removed. 

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