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Texsource Curable Reducer
Texsource Curable Reducer

Texsource Curable Reducer

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Our #1 Seller!

Texsource Curable Reducer is used to reduce the viscosity of your inks. This product can be added to any plastisol to allow for better printability. You can add Curable Reducer to your inks to aid in printing without changing the cure time.

There is no limit to the amount of Reducer that may be added. When adding Reducer to Puff inks, the amount added should be less than 10% by weight. Reducer may also be added to Fast Fusion inks in quantities of up to 10% by weight.

  • Excessive amounts of Reducer will reduce Puff height.
  • Excessive amounts of Reducer will raise cure temperature.
  • The addition of 5% by weight will lower the viscosity of most inks by 25%. 
  • Additions above 10% may reduce bleed resistance and opacity.
Product Highlights:
  • reduces the viscosity of the plastisol ink- make it thinner
  • lower the fusion temperature and thereby make the flash time shorter
  • helps make the ink feel softer and flexible
  • improves the flow of the plastisol ink

5 Stars
The only one we buy!
We have mixed this reducer in with a bunch of plastisol inks from different manufacturers and it has performed wonderfully. When we start to get low on it, we make sure that it is included in our next order!
Reviewed by:  from North Carolina. on 12/4/2019
5 Stars
Screen Printer
Works great for high viscosity inks. We use it often.
Reviewed by:  from Mint Hill. on 12/2/2018
5 Stars
Screen printer
Great stuff! Can’t beat it for the price and it goes a long way.
Reviewed by:  from Indian Trail, nc . on 12/2/2018
4 Stars
Nice Soft Feel
It seems to give a softer feel to prints and helps to give a nice smooth flow through the screen without making it runny. Makes your ink last longer as well. I try to keep some in the shop at all times.
Reviewed by:  from Allentown PA. on 2/9/2015
5 Stars
paradoxsc.com (owner)
This is a great reducer with a low price! I use it with my IC white super opaque to get the ink to flow better. It softens the print feel considerably as well. With an 8-10% ratio you can still do one pass through a 110 with the right stroke pressure. Its our favorite of all the reducers we've used.
Reviewed by:  from Charleston, SC. on 3/18/2014

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