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Texsource Emulsion Scoop Coater
Texsource Emulsion Scoop Coater

Texsource Emulsion Scoop Coater

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*Note - Measurement indicated is the inside dimension, or actual coverage area.  The total measurement will be slightly longer due to endcaps.

Scoop coaters are essential tools screen printers will need in their shops to apply a nice even coat of emulsion on their screens.  Our scoop coaters are designed for easy grip, application, and cleanup of all emulsions including Xenon, Chromaline, SAATI, and Ulano.  They are cut to custom sizes ranging from 4-24 inches. 


  • It is usually best to get an emulsion scoop coater that is about 2-3 inches narrower than the inside screen frame. The scoop coater should be wide enough to cover entire emulsion width in one pass. 
    • For 23 x 31-inch frames an 18 -inch emulsion scoop coater is recommended
    • For 20 x 28- inch frames a 15 -inch emulsion scoop coater is recommended
    • For 20 x 24-inch frames a 15 -inch emulsion scoop coater is recommended 
    • For 18 x 20-inch frames a 12 - inch emulsion scoop coater is recommended
  • Most printers will use 2 coats of emulsion, one coat on the substrate side and one coat on the printing side.  If you need your stencils extra thick for longer print runs or heavier ink deposits, additional emulsion coats may be added after first application dries.

  • Call Texsource for any custom sizing needs - we can cut to practically any size you need.

    5 Stars
    Business Owner
    Honestly this is the best scoop when using emulsion. I love this product and would recommend this to everyone. A must buy! Dont leave without having one.
    Reviewed by:  from Lawrenceville, Ga. on 12/7/2019
    5 Stars
    Coat with confidence
    Helped with coating process. Side come off for easy cleanup and sharp and round edge helps also.
    Reviewed by:  from ATLANTA. on 12/4/2019
    1 Stars
    Check this coater before using
    I gave this a one star. I received this scoop coater today. I probably should have checked it over before using it. There was a bur on the edge at one of the corners and it put a good tear in my screen. CHECK THIS SCREEN COATER BEFORE USING.
    Reviewed by:  from Springfield IL. on 1/29/2019
    5 Stars
    Screen Printer
    Shape/design of coater makes handling easy when picking up/putting down. Lays a nice even coat of emulsion, and detachable sides make cleanup easy. Definitely a necessity in the shop.
    Reviewed by:  from Mint Hill. on 12/2/2018
    5 Stars
    Screen printer
    Great product!
    Reviewed by:  from Indian Trail . on 12/2/2018
    5 Stars
    Great coater. I really like the bottom of the coater, easy to set down when I grab the next screen. Coats well too
    Reviewed by:  from Mooresville. on 12/21/2017
    5 Stars
    Must have
    No frills and gets the job done!
    Reviewed by:  from Z Shirts. on 12/9/2017
    5 Stars
    Good quality emulsion coater. Look like an extruded aluminum piece with endcaps that are solid. Edges nice and smooth, coats good. 5 star coater.
    Reviewed by:  from Salt Lake City, UT. on 9/14/2015
    4 Stars
    Seems all you need to do the job. Durable and cheap. Easy to clean up.
    Reviewed by:  from Georgia. on 9/30/2014

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