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Texsource TD-301 - Emulsion Remover Concentrate
Texsource TD-301 - Emulsion Remover Concentrate

Texsource TD-301 - Emulsion Remover Concentrate

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Part Number:CHEMERTD301GAL
Texsource's Chem TD-301 is a concentrated liquid emulsion remover that is engineered to quickly and aggressively dissolve all direct emulsions, capillary and high density films with ease. It easily degreases as it dissolves stencils, eliminating the additional step and expense of degreasing chemicals.

Ideal for dip tank solutions, TD-301 can be blended or mixed at lower concentrations for use as a spray on emulsion remover for wash out booth applications. It can also be used in conjunction with other Texsource screen cleaning compounds like Chem 400 - Ink Degradent.

This is the lowest cost emulsion remover on the market and the only concentrate which ships as non hazardous.

  • Powerful 30:1 concentrated formulation
  • No VOCs

1. Mix one part concentrated emulsion remover with 30 parts water.
2. Clean screen thoroughly of ink.
3. Wet both sides of the screen and apply emulsion remover to both sides using a brush or scrub pad.
4. High pressure rinse both sides of the screen.
5. Flood rinse entire screen with low pressure rinse from the top to activate degreasers and remove any debris, splash back or chemical residue.
6. If stubborn stains remain, apply Chem 75 to both sides of the screen and rinse with high pressure water.

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