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Texsource at Christmas - Giveaways and More!

Posted by Allen Wesson - Webmaster on 11/28/2014

Last year, our 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway was a huge success.  This year we put our heads together for an appropriate followup!

I am probably like a lot of you - my loving mother every year asks me what I want for Christmas.  Now I am not one to say that I really want anything at all - I am certainly not going to ask my family to get me the newest guitar amp, or digital converter for music; so I play it safe and say get me something that I can use.  This usually ends in me getting some jeans, socks, jacket, or something like that.  And I am grateful every time I wear them.  

So with that in mind, we realized that everybody needs supply items, right?  So why not fill up a HUGE Christmas basket with some of the supply items that you need every day?

Ryan Bolin here came up with a very nice gift basket of Screen Printing Supply items that would be at home in pretty much any shop of any size - about $500 worth of items!  You will find a great assortment of things that you use every day in your shop - blank ink, white ink, squeegee, frames, cleaners, sprays - pretty much all the stuff that any busy shop would go through pretty regularly.  

So is it really a free giveaway (there has to be something in it for us, right?)?  Yes.  And No.  Yes it is free - you don't have to buy anything to enter or to win (and no, we aren't going to rig it for the customer who buys a few thousand  dollars worth of products).  What you do have to do is take a few short moments to actually work your way down the entry checklist found here.  What you are doing is helping us promote the giveaway, promote our products, and telling other customers what you think of our products (product reviews - very helpful to anyone using our site).  Some of these you can do every day until our random drawing on December 22, so feel free to take advantage of that.  

This is a great supply package, and we hope that if you are the winner, that you will find all the items included to be useful to you.  We hope that you enjoyed your Thanksgiving holiday and that you will be filled with Christmas spirit this season!

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