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Transfer Foils - BD Navy Blue - 25"x200'
Transfer Foils - BD Navy Blue - 25"x200'

Transfer Foils - BD Navy Blue - 25"x200'

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Part Number:AM-C-BD-25x200

Recommended settings for heat transfer machines

Temperature - 290°F - 365°F
Pressure  - Medium/Firm
Dwell Time - 8 - 15 seconds

1. Screen print image with foil adhesive. Mesh count should be between 60
(24cm) and 110 (43 cm).
 - Automatic: flood > print > flood > print could be used with an 86 mesh,
print > flash > print would possibly give a better result with 86-110
 - Manual: print > flash > print with an 86-110 mesh is suggested.

2. Cut the textile foil to the desired shape and place it, color side up, over the
area chosen to be foiled.

3. Using the above settings, transfer the foil.

4. Once removed from the transfer machine, use a soft cloth to rub the foil
lightly to ensure strong adhesion and full coverage.

5. For best results, cool then peel foil away.  This is a typical transfer process. We recommend you test the suitability of our foil for the field of application intended and under the transferring conditions at your facility.  Adjust appropriately until desired results are achieved.

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