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Triangle 1713 L.B. Chrome Yellow - Quart
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Triangle 1713 L.B. Chrome Yellow - Quart

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Part Number:TRI1713-QT

Sta-True 1700 series plastisol is formulated for printing on polyester and 50/50 polyester/cotton blends for minimal bleed where normal plastisol films would be discolored due to the fabric dyes bleeding into the screen printed film. 

STOCK: Polyester and 50/50 polyester/cotton blends. 

STENCILS: All types of solvent resistant emulsions are suitable. 

SCREEN MESH: 110T monofilament is the popular choice, printers may also employ the use of mesh sizes 60T to 160T monofilament or equivalent. 

CURING: 315º F TO 330º F depending on ink deposit, color and dryer efficiency.

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