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Triangle 900-3390 Fluo. Magenta - Quart
color may vary from actual product

Triangle 900-3390 Fluo. Magenta - Quart

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These Color Concentrates have been formulated to provide suitable color dispersions compatible with all of our Plastisol Ink Series. They can be utilized to alter the shades of existing colors, or to create new colors from scratch when incorporated into any of our extensive ink bases.

COLOR MATCHING HINTS: In general, it is preferable to work with a “let-down” version of the concentrates to give greater control over color changes. Standard pigment colors marked with an asterisk will give a fairly close match to the PMS basic colors when a five (5%) percent mixture is made using a clear base (e.g. 1100-106) and printed on to white grounds using a 325T mesh. It is important to recognize that our color perception is influenced by the background color as well as the absorption of the fabric. This often makes it mandatory that the actual fabric grounds be used for the color match and the mesh size be taken into account. Small amounts of fluorescent colors are often necessary to brighten colors matched to fabric samples. In most cases, colors are achieved using far less than the maximum amount of concentrate, ten percent (10 %) on ink total. Characteristically weak colors such as Ultra Blue however, may need to exceed the recommended concentration and some curing properties have been built into the toner. It is necessary in any case where the total percentage of color concentrate exceeds the recommended maximum percentage, to check for thorough curing and lack of color rub-off (crock-fastness).

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