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Ulano 23 Degreaser - Gallon
Ulano 23 Degreaser - Gallon

Ulano 23 Degreaser - Gallon

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Part Number:ULNO23-GAL

An abrasive degreaser gel that combines the actions of Microgrit No. 2 and Screen Degreaser Liquid No. 3.

The abrading action of Ulano Gel 23 promotes better wetting of the mesh and adhesion of the stencil and thus longer press life. Its degreasing action removes dirt, dust, and oils from the mesh, reducing the risk of stencil failure and pinholes.

Ulano Gel 23 is ready-to-use and rinses off in hot or cold water. Its thixotropic character permits easy and effective preparation of larger screens held in a vertical position. Non-caustic - will not harm frames, mesh, or adhesives on stretch and glue frames. Recommended for use with all stencil systems on synthetic mesh only.

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