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Ulano Inkjet Pigment Film
Ulano Inkjet Pigment Film

Ulano Inkjet Pigment Film

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Clear – for water-based pigment or dye inks.

Coated film is the most important factor determining image quality when making screen printing positives with an inkjet printer.  Use Pigment Inkjet Film with off the-shelf aqueous pigment or dye inks. It has a special Ulano inkjet receptive nano-pourus coating on 5 mil clear polyester formulated to control the shape of fine lines and halftones with pigment or dye inkjet inks.  The coating is water resistant to prevent smearing under high humidity conditions.  Compatible with Epson printers, and other printers manufactured by Mimaki, HP, Canon, etc., and similar piezo-head or dye inkjet printers.  Not for use in laser (toner based) printers.


Clear Polyester With Ink-Receptive Coating  - Faster exposure times than laser positives 

Capillary Action Coating - Pigment or dye ink is instantly absorbed and trapped 

No Heat Needed To Fuse Ink - Inkjets can achieve near image setter registration; vellum finish laser paper shrinks 

Film Is More Durable Than Vellum - Film positives can be used repeatedly to make new screens 

Works With Water Based (Aqueous) - Only one film needed 

Pigment Or Dye Ink Fast Drying Time - Even with heavy ink loads, positives are dry when the next film comes out of the printer 

Anti-Static Coating - Positives move smoothly through the printer and are stackable

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