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Ulano QX-1 Photopolymer Emulsion
emulsion color may vary from photo

Ulano QX-1 Photopolymer Emulsion

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Ulano Emulsion Selection Guide

Pink Color
For Plastisol

Blue Color
For Plastisol and Solvent Based Inks

Orange Color
For Plastisol and some Water-based Inks

Light Blue Color
For Water-based Inks and Plastisol

Blue Color
For Plastisol, Water-based Solvent Inks

Blue Color
For Plastisol and some Solvent Inks







Estimated Base Exposure Times
time is based off 40w standard fluorescent tubes at 4-6" away from screen; coated once on each side of the screen

Blue / Green Color - Ulano QX-1 Emulsion is an SBQ sensitized, hybrid dual-cure emulsion that combines the convenience and shelf life of SBQ with the durability, versatility, and imaging properties of dual-cure emulsion. 

Ulano QX-1 Emulsion is compatible with all plastisol, UV, and solvent-based ink systems. Its matte finish virtually eliminates printing problems associated with high and low humidity conditions. QX-1 is formulated to provide wide exposure latitude and is easily reclaimed even if underexposed and used with aggressive inks and washup solvents. 

Ulano QX-1 Emulsion is durable and has excellent resolution, good definition, and very good wet strength. 37% solids content provides good stencil build per coat, excellent bridging of coarse mesh, and fast-drying capabilities.

Ulano QX-1 Emulsion is presensitized and must be handled in yellow safe light conditions before exposure.


  • Pre-sensitized with SBQ    
  • Convenience: no measuring or mixing
  • Long shelf and coated screen life
  • Fast exposing
  • Dual-cure "hybrid" formulation    
  • Durability
  • Good imaging properties
  • Contains texturing agents    
  • Easy post-printing-stroke life under high humidity conditions
  • Reduced hydrostatic attraction in low humidity; no ink "feathering"
  • Wide exposure latitude     
  • Reliable performance in less-than-ideal shop conditions
  • Easy to de-coat, even if underexposed/used with aggressive solvents
  • High (37%) solids content    
  • High (37%) solids content
  • Good EOM (emulsion over mesh thickness) buildup per coat
  • Blue-green color    
  • Good see-through registration
  • Easy inspection on white and dyed mesh
  • Special wetting agents    
  • Excellent coat-ability
  • Forgiving of poor mesh preparation

    NOTE - The product image is intended to show an approximate color of the product when applied to the screen.  Actual color may vary.  Product listing does not include screen and / or scoop coater.

Emulsion Exposure Differences
Proper screen exposure must take many factors into account – the emulsion type, coating thickness, exposure unit, etc.  As a general guideline for the different emulsion types (diazo, dual cure, and photopolymer) use these times as a reference. 

Photopolymer – These are typically the fastest exposing emulsions, with many exposing correctly from 30-50 seconds.  The shortest times can be seen when using a newer LED-type exposure unit. 

Dual Cure – If you have established a good exposure time with photopolymer emulsions, you can typically add 90 seconds (1.5 minutes) to that time for most dual cure emulsions.

Diazo - If you have established a good exposure time with photopolymer emulsions, you can typically add 210 seconds (3.5 minutes) to that time for most diazo emulsions.

These times will depend heavily on your exposure unit and should only be considered as a starting point.

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