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Union Maxopake Plastisol Starter Kit
Union Maxopake 4-Quart Special

Union Maxopake Plastisol Starter Kit

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Part Number:UNKIT1-PADE-QK
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includes application, additives, mesh, curing, and more

1 Qt - PADE-2044 Golden Yellow
1 Qt - PADE-3006 Brite Red
1 Qt - PADE-5008 Brite Blue
1 Qt - PADE-6008 Brite Green

Maxopake inks are the most opaque plastisol colors available. Even the neon colors are bright and highly opaque. Maxopake inks are recommended for direct manual or machine printing on black and dark colored garments. When printing on whites and light-colored fabrics, we recommend adding the appropriate extender base for a softer hand to minimize the potential for crocking and economy.

Maxopake inks are supplied ready to print. If necessary to reduce viscosity, use up to 15% by weight, of Reducer/Detackifi er (PLRE-9000). For printing transfers, mix Maxopake with with 5-10% Hot Split Additive (PLUE-9040).

Printing Instructions
Multiple strokes may be required when printing by hand. When printing with automatic presses use a slightly rounded squeegee to print a thicker ink layer. A soft pad on the printing pallet will minimize penetration into the garment and improve opacity.

Curing Instructions
These inks will fully cure when the entire thickness of the ink deposit reaches 300°F (149°C).

Using Low-Bleed Inks
The Maxopake series includes two low-bleed colors: Low-Bleed Medium Yellow (PADE-2060), and Low-Bleed Golden Yellow (PADE-2048). The lowbleed inks are recommended for printing on cotton/polyester garments to control the problem of dyes in the polyester fibers migrating or bleeding into the plastisol ink. Low-bleed inks are not recommended for printing on light-colored 100% cotton fabrics. On rare occasions ghost images can appear on contacting surfaces of ink to garment. The use of low-bleed plastisols on these fabrics is not recommended.

High opacity inks may crock. Red pigmented inks are especially subject to this problem. To control or reduce crocking, add up to 10-15% by weight of Extender Base (PADE / MIXE-9090). Always test this product for curing, adhesion, crocking, opacity, washability, and other specific requirements before using in production.
5 Stars
Great kit and perfect for when starting out. I love my starter kit.
Reviewed by:  from South Carolina. on 2/5/2018

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