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Union Mixopake System Starter Kit
Union Mixopake Upgrade Kit - Actual Products Listed In Description

Union Mixopake System Starter Kit

Your Price: $651.76
Part Number:UNKIT1-MIXE-QK
Note - This is a drop-ship item offered directly from Union and as such is not part of our Free Shipping promotion. Your order will be shipped from a Union Ink shipping facility with a typical lead time of 7-10 days.

This product is designed to be used as part of an ink mixing system.  

Union Ink's Mixopake inks will enable you to create any color in the Pantone Matching System when printed on black, colored, or light fabrics. The Mixopake inks are also an excellent choice for standard colors when color matching is not required. Mixopake prints easily by hand and also prints well on the fastest automatic presses. Mixopake contains balanced, ready-for-use plastisols-- not concentrated pigments.
 - For black, colored, or white fabric.
 - For accurate color matching.

 - Extremely opaque prints.
 - PANTONE® approved.

2 Gal - MIXE-1000 Super White
2 Gal - MIXE-9070 Soft Hand Base
1 Qt - MIXE-2002 Yellow Green Shade
1 Qt - MIXE-2042 Yellow Red Shade
1 Qt - MIXE-3002 Red Yellow Shade
1 Qt - MIXE-3007 Red Blue Shade
1 Qt - MIXE-4001 Magenta
1 Qt - MIXE-4002 Violet
1 Qt - MIXE-4003 Cerise
1 Qt - MIXE-5001 Blue Green Shade
1 Qt - MIXE-5003 Blue Red Shade
1 Qt - MIXE-5002 Green
1 Qt - MIXE-8000 Black
1 Qt - MIXE-9090 Extender Base
1 Qt - MIXE-F214 Neon Flame Orange
1 Qt - MIXE-F312 Aurora Pink
1 Qt - MIXE-F411 Neon Magenta
1 Qt - MIXE-F511 Neon Solar Blue
1 Qt - MIXE-F611 Neon Traffic Green

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